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Sensor verification vibration reference source

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article image Hardy Instruments’ portable shakers.

HARDY Instruments’ HI 800 Series portable shakers provide a known vibration reference source for sensor verification and compliance use in the field or workshop.

Available from Scale Components , portable shakers are used to verify the performance of vibration transducers, connectors, cabling, instrumentation or permanently installed machine vibration condition monitoring systems or indicators.

Accelerometers, velocity transducers and non-contacting Eddy Probe displacement measuring systems can be checked.

Battery powered, portable, rugged and dependable, HI 800 series shakers have a built-in reference accelerometer and digital display of the vibration amplitude with calibration traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Ian Fleming, managing director of Scale Components, said the shakers were designed for use with machinery condition monitoring instrumentation or vibration analysis instruments.

"The portable shakers are suitable for companies who have invested in permanent or 'carry around' vibration monitoring programs that allow them to keep tabs on the running condition of their plant's machinery," Mr Fleming said.

To operate, a vibration sensor, (accelerometer, velocity pickup, or displacement measuring system) is mounted on to the shaker, a test level is set on the shaker, and the results are measured.

The shaker will then verify the performance of vibration transducers, connectors, cabling, instruments or permanently installed machine vibration condition monitoring systems or indicators.

"Simply attach the transducer to the shaker head, set the shaker to a known vibration reference level, and verify readings. The reference test level can be set in acceleration (g's), velocity (ips) or displacement (mils), imperial or metric," Mr Fleming said.

The shakers provide a known and controlled vibration that can be used to evaluate a questionable vibration transducer, intermittent cable, verify the indication on a vibration meter or analyser, or test preset 'trip' points on a monitoring system.

"Without a portable shaker, the only test that could be performed is to mount the questionable sensor to a grinder, or some other device in the shop, just to check the sensor's output,” Mr Fleming said.

“This is not a controlled test, nor can it be done in the field. This type of test also does not verify the performance of monitors or other instrumentation," he said.

Hardy Instruments' portable shakers allow for compliance with ISO 9000, Occupational Health and Safety and other requirements by providing a means for verification of sensors and associated indicators.

The portable design allows for minimal disruption during system checks.

The Hardy Instruments’ condition monitoring product line concentrates on continuous monitoring of overall vibration measurements on rotating machinery such as pumps, motors, gear boxes, compressors and fans.

Vibration monitoring products include: signal conditioners, machinery monitoring systems, transmitters, sensors and portable shakers.

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