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Second generation weight calibration system

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article image C2 calibration load cell.

SCALE Components has announced the release of the Hardy Instruments C2 second generation calibration system.

According to Ian Fleming, managing director of Scale Components, C2 second generation calibration system uses commonly available technology, applied with good sense, to save time, money and achieve more accurate and reliable weight calibration in process weighing applications.

C2 second generation calibration is designed for quick and easy electronic calibration without the use of test weights, even when material is present in the weigh vessel.

"Unlike calibration with test weights, live weight on the scale does not have to be removed and heavy test weights do not have to be repeatedly put on and off the scale,” Fleming said.

“As soon as a scale system is installed, it can be C2 calibrated and proper scale installation verified.

"This is especially important in the case of high capacity weigh vessels where the required amount of certified test weights may not be available or where the weigh vessels lack the space needed to place test weights on them to get an accurate calibration.

“Distributing test weights equally on the weigh vessel may also be difficult or impossible," he said.

"Some vessels are mounted in areas offering limited accessibility while others have weight capacities far in excess of the available test weights. The result of these real-world issues is error-prone calibration."

C2 calibration uses specific load cell data stored in an internal memory device to mathematically calibrate the system. With C2 calibration, the error is never worse than the non-linearity of the load cell(s) used.

C2 calibration also helps to identify mechanical problems such as binding and inflexible piping that are normally "masked" by weight calibration.

The C2 electronic calibration system reduces downtime for repairs and time waiting for test weights. It eliminates test weight related injuries and ends material substitution headaches including contamination and waste disposal issues.

The C2 system includes load points, junction box, cabling and instrumentation is designed to make calibration easier. Each load cell is packaged with a memory device that carries the calibration and performance data for that particular load cell.

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