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Scale Components’ Systec Batching Controller Installed for CSIRO

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Scale Components  recently commissioned a Systec batching controller for feeding fish at the CSIRO Research Laboratory in Cleveland, Queensland.

The batching controller automatically doses food to fish in a controlled environment to identify the volumes and timings of feed required to achieve optimum fish growth.

The batching controller separately doses feed to twenty-four individual tanks containing various breeds of fish. Each tank has its own dedicated feed hopper suspended from overhead load cells and regulated by a single Systec IT9000E programmable weight controller.

The feeding schedule stored in the Systec programmable batching controller can be accessed directly using the front keyboard/ graphics display and/or by a networked PC via Systec’s in-built Ethernet port, which also allows remote access via the internet.

CSIRO required an automated feed management system as the previous manual feeding operations placed a considerable drain on human resources for the night and weekend feeding schedules. The fish was also stressed by the presence of staff in close proximity to the tanks at feed times.

Scale Component’s Paul Joachim said that the Systec IT9000E programmable batch controller was the ideal solution for CSIRO’s demanding application as it provided high weighing accuracy, full traceability of a PC system and the functionality of a PLC system to individually control the 24 feed delivery valves.  

The standalone batching controller will soon be relocated to the CSIRO research laboratory at Bribie Island in the coming months with the Systec system to be expanded to manage the feeding of fish in 36 individual tanks.

Scale Components is the exclusive Australian distributor of the Systec range of digital weighing electronics, which are fully engineered and manufactured in Germany to strict quality standards.

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