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Pallet dimensioning systems from Scale Components collect dimensional pallet data automatically

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A Brisbane freight depot recently commissioned a pallet dimensioning system from Scale Components  to automatically collect dimensional data of loaded pallets.

Fully trade approved to allow legal invoicing of freight based on physical dimensions, this pallet dimensioning system eliminates the need for staff to manually measure palletised freight using a tape measure, instead all dimensions are attained dynamically as the pallet passes through the cubing tunnel.

An important feature of this pallet dimensioning system is it's ability to accurately acquire dimensional data of non-cuboidal (irregular) shapes, and also goods covered in black or blue plastic.

The pallet dimensioning system consists of two 3 meter chain conveyors configured in line, with the first of the two conveyors fitted with four trade approved load cells and a digital weight indicator to provide accurate pallet weights.

Once a pallet is placed on the scales, the operator uses a wireless hand held barcode scanner to read the pallet ID. The correct weight is then attained and the powered conveyor is initiated to pass the pallet through the cubing tunnel.

The physical dimensions of the loaded pallet are attained from two laser heads integrated into the pallet dimensioning system. The dimensions are then correlated with the data from the scales and barcode scanner for formatting and then passed to the client’s own invoicing system to generate freight charges based on either weight or pallet dimensions.

Scale Components has extensive experience in cubing and pallet dimensioning systems and has its own engineering staff to ensure complete hardware and software integration.

Scale Components is also the exclusive Australian agent for the highly regarded CubiScan range of cubing and dimensioning systems manufactured by Quantronix in the USA.

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