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Pallet Cubing System Supplied to Australian Defence Forces by Scale Components

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A pallet cubing system was recently supplied by Scale Components to the Australian Defence Forces (ADF) for use at the Joint Logistic Unit’s warehouse at East Bandiana in Victoria.

The pallet cubing system is used to identify the volumetric capacity of the loaded pallet and provide an accurate weight reading.

Scale Components’ SC1200 pallet cubing systems utilise a heavy duty platform scale to generate the weight reading, which is then combined with the measurement data attained from a series of laser sensors mounted on an overhead frame. The resulting mass and volumetric data is automatically entered into a PC running dedicated software.

The SC1200 pallet cubing system can be used with barcode scanning, label printing and other peripheral equipment to create a complete cubing, weighing, identification and tracking workstation.

Collected data can be exported directly to the user’s host system to determine shipping charges and load planning. Data generated by the pallet cubing system is ideal for freight, logistics and warehousing applications.

Scale Components also supplied a CubiScan 100 weighing and dimensioning machine for small items in addition to the pallet cubing system.

During commissioning, Scale Components was asked to integrate both dimensioning machines into the ADF’s existing warehouse management system in a bid to realise greater efficiencies in the storage, handling and sharing of the attained data for each and every item entering and leaving the warehouse.

Scale Components is the exclusive Australian sales and service agent for the CubiScan range of cubing and dimensioning machines.

Scale Components also specialises in providing all necessary software integration to the client’s existing warehouse management systems.

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