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Mounting hardware for load points

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article image Hardy’s choice of mounting hardware.

HARDY Instruments, represented by Scale Components , has announced a choice of mounting hardware for its Advantage Lite series of load points, its medium capacity, compression type, stainless steel load points, and sensor line.

The mounts provide stray voltage isolation, minor misalignment correction, thermal expansion and shock absorption for the weigh system.

The new choices join the wire rope mounting hardware in enabling the vessel to expand or contract while the critical point of contact of force on the sensor remains the same, providing an extremely accurate and consistent weight signal.

Each load point comes pre-assembled with a C20 compatible, matched, and sealed load sensor. Each sensor's performance characteristics are stored in an internal memory device. A C20 certified instrument uses these parameters to electronically and effortlessly calibrate the scale system.

Advantage Lite compression load points can be used in applications such as tank, hopper and vessel weighing, process measurement and batch weighing.

C20 is a Hardy-exclusive product that enables electronic calibration of a weighing system in less than thirty seconds. It reads the NIST traceable performance characteristics within a sensor and calibrates the scale independently.

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