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Hardy Instruments weigh modules supplied by Scale Components for tank weighing application

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Scale Components  recently supplied weigh modules by Hardy Instruments for a multiple tank weighing application in Victoria.  

Supplied by Scale Components in Brisbane, the Hardy Instruments HI-1756-2WS weigh modules have an integral AB interface to transmit weight readings directly to a PLC without the need for wired communications from a standalone instrument.  

The dual channel functionality in the weigh modules allows each module to provide weight signals from two tanks simultaneously.  

Since this particular tank weighing application had eight individual tanks, the ability of a single module to monitor two weighing devices made for a more cost-effective weighing solution while also minimising installation and resource needs.  

The inbuilt WAVERSAVER functionality eliminates the effects of unwanted plant vibration on or around the scale by permitting the weigh module to see through the unwanted vibration signals while yielding a stable actual reading.  

WAVERSAVER also eliminates weight instability when weighing equipment is installed in close proximity to large machinery, conveyor belts, mixers or vibratory feeders.    

Cheaper weigh modules mask weight instability by using digital filtering, which simply averages a larger number of weight samples before arriving at the final weight reading. Averaging causes the weight update rate to drop significantly due to the time taken to collect a larger sampling range.  

Hardy Instruments WAVERSAVER eliminates this lag and allows the modules to produce real-time weight readings at up to 50 updates per second in vibration-prone environments.  

Scale Components also supplied 32 Sensortronic 65083 stainless steel load cells rated to IP66/67 for use in hostile environments such as food and beverage processing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.  

Available in capacities of 1,000 lbs up to 20,000 lbs with a safe overload capacity of 150%, the load cells are fully interchangeable with other standard Sensortronics shear beam load cells.  

Scale Components is a specialist supplier of load cells and digital weight indicators for a wide range of weighing applications.  

Scale Components also employs trained and experienced staff to perform installations, scale service, repairs and calibrations on a diverse range of scales and weighing equipment.

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