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Sole distributor of Hardy Instruments, Scale Components, has unveiled the availability of the HI 4050 Weight Controller, which acts as a front end to a PLC, PC or DCS system for applications such as level, batching, filling, dispensing and check weighing, or as a stand-alone for simple control or weight monitoring.

Hardy Instruments’ new HI 4050 general-purpose weight controller is easily configured to meet specific application needs. Available with AC or DC power and in panel, remote or blind DIN rail mounting, the HI 4050 installs fast with no special holes to cut.

The controller comes standard with Ethernet and optional Ethernet/IP or DeviceNet. TheHI 4050 weight controller includes Waversaver to eliminate the effects of surrounding vibration for fast, stable weight display, C2 electronic calibration without test weights, a Secure Digital (SD) based Secure Memory Module card for fast transfer of configuration data, and Integrated Technician for system diagnostics and troubleshooting.

Configure the HI 4050 to suit applications: specify it with or without a display; choose either AC or DC power, select a communication network, DeviceNet, or Ethernet IP. Choose between a panel/remote mount and a DIN rail mount. With a display, the user can choose either to panel mount the entire assembly, or to mount the controller housing assembly remotely.

Ease of Installation
Installation is easy, with no special tools or expertise required. Just drill five to nine standard holes in the panel, and attach the front panel keyboard display. There is no rectangular cutout required. The controller housing can be attached to the rear of the panel or remotely. The controller housing can be DIN rail mounted vertically, horizontally, or offset to make use of available space. Need to replace an HI 2151/30WC or HI 2110WI? Just drill four holes and plug the HI 4050 controller in. 

Small Footprint
The HI 4050 Series controller is designed to optimise panel space. Integrated packages measuring just 75.7 mm (2.98 in) high and 143.5 mm (5.65 in) wide include processor, embedded inputs and outputs, and power supply. Depth is only 76.2 mm (3 in). Display assembly is just 101.6 mm (4 in) high and 177.8 mm (7 in) wide. 

Ease of Set-up
With its embedded web server, all the instrument’s parameters can be set up from anywhere on the Ethernet network. Front panel keys and graphic display with simple menus provide quick easy setup with process weight and parameter display. In addition, its embedded Ethernet Web server gives the user remote access to control information, instrument parameters and diagnose problems, further optimising production efficiency by sharing real-time data on the plant floor with OEM partners or remote maintenance. 
The embedded Ethernet communications port in the HI 4050 weight controller enables users to easily share data across a production facility, eliminating the time and costs associated with new network wiring. 

Expandable Secure Memory Module (SMM-SD)
Hardy Instruments rear panel accessible SMM is more than just a memory card; it is a network media that connects SD-enabled products. The SMM now uses a standard Secure Digital (SD) memory card, which allows easy expansion, transfers of data from one instrument to another and is readable by PC. 

C2 Electronic Calibration
C2 enables fast accurate electronic calibration of scale. This saves system start-up costs and aggravation. Of course, even if C2 certified load sensors are not used, the system can still be calibrated the slow, traditional way using costly certified test weights. 

The Waversaver eliminates the effects of unwanted vibration on or around the scale, by permitting the instrument to see through the unwanted vibration signals, as low as 0.25Hz, while yielding a stable actual reading.

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