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Freight Cubing System Servicing from Scale Components

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Scale Components  is equipped to offer regular servicing of freight cubing systems for the freight and logistics industries.  

Freight cubing systems require regular servicing to ensure accurate dimensional calculations are achieved.  

Scale Components’ scope of services ranges from scale platform checks and scale weigh tests to live tests using sample boxes.  

Cubing and dimensioning systems used for generating freight charges must be certified for trade use by an approved certifier.  

Dimensioning and cubing systems require servicing every six months to ensure correct weighing and dimensioning performance.   

Scale Components offers appropriate service and certifications on cubing and dimensioning systems for several freight and logistics businesses.  

Freight cubing system servicing involves:

  • Cleaning and checking the scale platform for correct operation
  • Testing the scale with test weights to ensure correct weighs
  • Removing and cleaning the dimensioning sensors and mirrors
  • Testing and re-aligning the mirrors and sensors for correct operation
  • Performing live tests using sample test boxes and weights

Scale Components is the exclusive Australian agent for the CubiScan range of cubing and dimensional equipment manufactured by Quantronix in the USA.

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