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Dual channel weigh scale module

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article image Hardy’s HI 1756-WS and HI 1756-2WS wrigh scale modules.

HARDY Instruments’ HI 1756-2WS, available in Australia from Scale Components , is a single slot dual channel weigh scale module that mounts in an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix chassis.

Just like the single-scale HI 1756-WS, the HI 1756-2WS reads weight and diagnostic data supplied by strain gauge load sensors or load cells from two different scales.

It communicates this data over the I/O chassis backplane to the ControlLogix processor.

The HI 1756-2WS module reduces installation costs, as it occupies only one slot of the 1756 I/O chassis and needs no external stand-alone scale instrument with a wired communications link to the PLC.

The weighing module includes Hardy Instruments' core technologies:

· Waversaver, eliminates the effects of vibration providing a stable weight display.

· C2, provides electronic calibration without the need for test weights.

· The Button, allows one touch calibration with C2 load sensors.

· Integrated Technician (IT) system, diagnostics and troubleshooting techniques.

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