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CubiScan 30 Dimensioning Systems from Scale Components

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The CubiScan 30 dimensioning systems from Scale Components use laser technology to accurately measure the length and width of hardcover and paperback books. These dimensioning systems also permit the user to measure the thickness of a particular book by the use of a linear calliper. This is a small, plunger like device that rests on the book's cover and applies just enough pressure to compress the book's pages enabling the most accurate reading possible.

By using the CubiScan 30 dimensioning systems, which have been manufactured especially for the book publishing industry, the user can easily calculate the best box size or container for the shipping of orders. They can also verify the accuracy of the order based on the anticipated shipping weight.

The small-scale capacity of these dimensioning systems means that they can be relied upon to be accurate and provide high resolution. They have been designed to be compatible with warehouse management system software and aid in storage location selection, order picking, carton selection and shipment planning. The CubiScan 30 dimensioning systems can also work with case packing and case loading optimisation software packages. Their use eliminates the need for manual data entry and protects the data integrity of the operation.

The mobile dimensioning systems can move anywhere in your warehouse and dimensional and weight data readings are conveniently available in metric and/or imperial units. The construction of these units include:

  • A sturdy metal cart with hard rubber wheels
  • A 12-volt deep cycle battery, charger or power inverter with more than 12 hours of battery life
  • A computer shuttle arm which can support a PC monitor and keyboard
  • An optional hand held bar code scanning device that allows bar code scanning interface

The modular design of these dimensioning systems means that they are simple to set up and maintain. More information on their benefits as well as detailed specification information is available on the Scale Components website.

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