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CubiScan 100 Dimensioning Systems from Scale Components

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CubiScan 100 dimensioning systems from Scale Components allow for total control over cubing and weighing processes in any distribution centre or warehouse situation. This integrated cubing and weighing system means that the user can collect accurate package information quickly and consistently. Weight and size data is easily transferable to the user's data processing system where it can be used immediately.

These dimensioning systems have been tested and certified as type approved, legal for trade cubing and weighing devices. They are more reliable than manual measurements and for shippers this means that expensive charge back costs are eliminated because the correction dimensional based shipping charges are calculated correctly the first time. Carriers can also benefit from the use of these dimensioning systems because they are able to simply and easily audit freight received from customers.

Warehousing and distribution applications

The dimensioning systems have been designed to be compatible with warehouse management system software as well as case packing and case loading optimisation software packages. They are able to facilitate storage location and carton selection, order picking and shipment planning functions. Data integrity is also protected because there is no manual entry of information.

Freight manifesting and auditing applications

These dimensioning systems are type approved, legal for trade cubing and weighing devices that provide the user with dimensional-weight data for determining shipping charges. They have been designed to interface directly with computer based manifesting systems and their construction also includes a user-definable 'dim factor' for dimensional-weight calculations.

More detailed information on the applications, benefits and specifications of the CubiScan 100 dimensioning systems can be found on the Scale Components website.

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