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Beltweigher overhauls increase weighing accuracy

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article image Beltweigher overhauls increase weighing accuracy

Six beltweighers were recently overhauled by Scale Components ’ Brisbane branch to improve weighing accuracy and consistency. The beltweighers are located at the Port of Brisbane and used for tracking the weight of coal being stockpiled prior to loading into waiting ships.

The six beltweighers required a full overhaul of the mechanical components, including lifting of the conveyor belts to allow the replacement of the weigh frame rollers which were causing weighing errors due to their out-of-round and out-of-balance condition. New metal rollers were also fitted to lead-in and lead-out idler sets either side of the weigh frame with all idlers precisely positioned using string lines to ensure correct alignment.

To eliminate potential interruptions to product flow in the Coal Loading Facility, Scale Components’ performed the beltweigher maintenance work to be done at dates and times exactly as requested by the client, including at week-ends. Each beltweigher overhaul required complete belt access for a six hour time frame for completion all maintenance and testing.

The beltweighers are located at strategic locations to ensure precise product tracking:

  • Beltweigher # 1 totalises coal being offloaded from incoming trains
  • Beltweighers # 2,3 ,4 & 5 are positioned under the numbered stockpiles for tracking the volume of coal as it is removed from each stockpile
  • Beltweigher # 6 is used to track the weight of coal being transferred to the ship loader and into vessels.
All beltweighers are configured as “Not For Trade” use with the exact weight of coal loaded into ships being calculated by external engineers using the approved vessel displacement method. The totalised weight of coal passing over beltweigher #6 is used to ensure correctly balanced loading of coal within the vessel is attained for increased vessel stability.
Scale Components is a competent sales and service provider for all belt weighing applications and has fully trained and competent beltweigher technicians available for all servicing needs.

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