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Automated cubing and weighing systems

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article image Multiple CubiScan 200B in-motion cubing and weighing systems like this one help DHL - USA maximise revenue from cube based freight charges.

CUBISCAN 30, 50 and 100 systems from Scale Components are integrated cubing and weighing systems used extensively in distribution centres and warehouse management installations.

These systems provide quick and accurate data capture to eliminate human error and maintain data integrity. The data is readily transferred to host EDP systems for further processing.

CubiScan 30 systems are used in the publishing industry to measure books, publications, and CDs.

The CubiScan 50 is designed to measure relatively small to medium sized items including pharmaceuticals, medical and dental items, cosmetics, health and beauty aids and similar items.

The CubiScan 100 is used in private, government and military distribution centres as well as to capture and generate cube and re-weigh freight charges in transport installations.

Items processed include vehicle spare parts, promotional items retail merchandise and general warehouse items.

The system accurately and efficiently gathers dimension and weight data on freight items. Optional equipment includes material handling, barcode scanning and data transfer hardware and software.

The data is transmitted to a central host for customer billing based on the greater of dimensional or weight based shipping rates. Payback on cubing systems used in the freight industry is usually extremely short.

Other in-motion cubing systems are available to meet specific customer and site requirements.

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