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Seamless Tubes for heat exchangers from Saxson Global Services

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Saxson Global Services ’ Feedline Tube or Hydraulic and Pneumatic lines are cold drawn with precision at its European mills.

These tubes are produced to high standards and offer ideal solutions in applications where fluids are subjected to high pressures in machinery, earth moving equipment and other load critical applications.

Saxson Global’s Seamless Tubes for heat exchangers provide a quality solution to the process industry, with enhanced heat transfer properties.

Saxson Global’s tubes, developed especially for air coolers, offer improved fin-ability, lower superficial hardness, better tube straightness, precise end-deburring and micro-thin film electrostatic spray oiling.

Besides carbon steel, improved heat transfer properties are achieved using Saxson’s tubes which come in a range of titanium, inconel, Cu-Ni, stainless steel and alloy materials.

These products enhance the advantage of Saxson’s resources, energy and specialised machinery sectors.

As the Australian auto industry faces the challenges of an increasingly competitive market, Saxson provides cold drawn welded tubes, once again not available locally from domestic producers.

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