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Power saver device from Save Energy Technologies stabilises voltage fluctuations

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According to Save Energy Technologies Pty Ltd , electricity is subject to power surges from time to time, which results in spikes that can damage household electrical appliances. These spikes consume electricity, resulting in overheating, which shortens the lifespan of electrical appliances and wiring of the at home.

In extreme cases electrical spikes can cause burn outs and even power cuts. The power saver device from Save Energy Technologies helps to stabilise voltages and reduces currents in power supplies. It also improves the 'power factor' by reducing the amount of electricity needed from power companies.

This is accomplished by supplying electricity locally at the load by the use of specially designed capacitors. These advanced capacitors store the additional electricity needed for stabilising electric current within an inductive load. (For example when an air conditioner unit is turned on) Therefore, the amount of electricity purchased from by a power factor optimisation has been greatly reduced which results in power saving for home and office. Now, with the help of the unique power saver device there is a smart way to reduce up to 40% of the electricity consumption every month.

The following are some of the features of the new power saver:

  • Reduce monthly electricity bill by up to 40%
  • Stabilises the incoming voltage
  • Plug and Saved - No additional wiring required Built-in powerful lightning arrestor and surge protector
  • Improve power factor and electrical efficiency
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Fully compliant to Australian safety standards
  • Rapid return on investment

The power saver device is CE tested and is technically compliant with the European and Australian Standard and requirements.

Power saver device has gone through the following stringent tests :-

  • Power line conducted emission measurement
  • Radiated emission measurement
  • Harmonic current emission measurement
  • Voltage fluctuation and flicker measurement
  • Electrostatic discharge test
  • RF field strength susceptibility test
  • Electrical fast transient/burst immunity test
  • Surge immunity test
  • Injected currents susceptibility test
  • Voltage dips and interruptions test

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