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Sweetened condensed milk manufacturing plant

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SAURIN Enterprises manufactures sweetened condensed milk plant on a turnkey basis. The same plant can also be used for the manufacture of evaporated milk, with some minor changes, and steam sterilisers.

This is a cost effective method for a manufacturer of recombined milks. For an investment of one plant, the customer gets a plant for two products, and Saurin claims its technology produces a product that has been rated better than the competition.

Saurin specialises in the manufacture of sweetened condensed milk (SCM) from milk powders.

The mixing of ingredients such as skim milk powder, sugar and water is done under warm conditions. The temperatures used for mixing are above 50ºC.

Milk powder is added first followed by sugar. Fat is added last and must be added at a temperature greater than 40ºC. The recombined milk must not be held for any length of time due to risk of bacterial growth.

Saurin has developed a unique mixing system that not only mixes in less than 20 minutes but also does not need the mixing heat exchanger. This prevents build up, burning and blockages of the heat exchanger.

Filtration is a critical and generally labour intensive step. Saurin has successfully developed a methodology of in-line filtration that does not need labour at all. It filters out extraneous material and undissolved powders.

The mixing SCM is heat treated to pasteurise the product. It is common to use a temperature of up to 90ºC and 30 seconds holding time for pasteurisation. However, Saurin can supply a pasteuriser to meet any specific time and temperature requirements.

To provide long runs without stoppages, Saurin builds its pasteurisers with twin heating sections. The product can be switched from one section to the other without the need to stop the production.

The PLC-controlled system also washes the dirty section while the other section is still in use thus providing a seemless changeover. Homogenisation process affects the viscosity of the final product and Saurin can assist the customer in achieving the best set points.

Flash Cooling serves the purpose of removing the surplus moisture and cooling the product to the best temperature for seeding. This process has gone through many stages of development. It started as a batch process in which the product was held under vacuum in a tank.

When the product got cooled to the correct temperature, seeding crystals were added and product cooled further to filling temperature.

This has now given way to a continuous flash cooler. Saurin uses a time tested three stage flash cooling vessel for best results.

The seeding lactose is added between stage 2 and 3. The correct vacuum levels are generated by using a combination of vacuum pump and steam ejectors. The product temperature is controlled by the PLC.

The product after flash cooler is stored in the crystallisation vats. These are now ready for packing in consumer packs or bulk packs where the crystallisation continues.

Saurin provides a PLC controlled system to recover milk solids from water flushes and recover the product left in the pipelines. The plant cleaning is done automatically by the CIP system that utilises a combination of hot and cold water, alkali and acid.

The SCM plant supplied by Saurin is completely computer controlled with remote monitoring. Saurin can monitor the performance of the plant by using the normal telephone and internet facilities.

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