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Spray dryer for nutraceutical products

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article image Suitable for high-value, low volume products.

SAURIN has released a range of spray dryers designed for the nutraceutical industry. They are suitable for high-value, low-volume products.

The smallest dryer in the range is the SL 20, capable of evaporating 3kg/h. The SC 40 can evaporate up to 16kg/h. The size of the chamber is designed for long residence time and gentle product treatment. The chamber, insulation, fan, and electrical panel are built in stainless steel. The dryer comes complete with a programmable logic controller system and all the parameters are controlled automatically.

A peristaltic pump feeds the liquid to a twin fluid nozzle. The spray dryer maintains an accuracy of ±1°C on the inlet and outlet temperature set points. The control system has been designed in a joint project with Monash University. The dryer does not need a dedicated operator and can operate with minimal level of operator intervention.

The standard dryer is supplied skid-mounted and needs only power and compressed air connections. Options include bag house, SS316 construction, pharmaceutical compliance, scrubber, alternative heating system, fluid bed for cooling, powder hopper, and bag sealing system.

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