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Pilot pasteuriser and pilot UHT plant

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article image Saurin pilot plant.

THE Saurin PS 10, UHT 50 and PS 50 ranges of heat treatment pilot equipment are compact, portable and flexible pasteurisers suitable for laboratories, pilot plants and research centres.

These are capable of heating liquids and viscous products (even with particulate matter) to pasteurising or UHT temperatures.

They can also be used for other heat treatments or heating the products to a controlled temperature.

These are true replications of full scale pasteurising plant and ideal for trial work for product development with small quantities of product.

Typical uses are to check the effect of pasteurising on product viscosities, flavour, shelf-life, taste, appearance and colour.

Unlike large plant, the testing with this pilot range of equipment is quick and inexpensive. Pilot plants can also be supplied with complete validation package for pharmaceutical application.

The plant comes with its own programmable logic controller (PLC) that records the temperatures, flow rate and time with accuracy.

This information can be stored on a PC and exported to a spreadsheet programme for manipulation. Saurin’s own LabReport software allows for statistical analysis of the information and can produce a report.

All temperatures can be pre-set in a menu and are controlled by the PLC automatically. The unit is standalone and needs only power connection and a source of water.

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