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Pasteurisers and UHT processes

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SAURIN manufactures a range of pasteurisers and UHT processes. These are capable of processing liquids and viscous products (even with particulate matter).

Saurin also offers thermal systems that are used for heating or cooling the product to a controlled temperature. The systems are built around plate or tubular heat exchangers depending on the product.

The range includes pilot pasteuriser for product development with flexibility of temperatures up to 150°C and varying holding times to suit customer requirements.

These plants are suitable for dairy products, juices, fruit pulps, sauces, dips and other liquid food products.

Saurin can also supply a complete system including asceptic tanks for storage. Plants are skid mounted and are tested at the Longwarry Food Park factory with all services connnected. The plants can also be tested with a customer's product.

Each process has its own specific requirements and thermal systems need to be designed accordingly. Saurin has a range of pilot units in their laboratory for product trials. The data generated is used for the design of the full scale plant.

Saurin monitors heat transfer co-efficients, viscosity changes and heat flux while designing a system for the customer. The plants are designed with CIP (cleaning-in-place) in mind and are self-sufficient in terms of cleaning, chemical dosing and monitoring for future records.

The plant comes with its own programmable logic controller (PLC) that records the temperatures, flow rate and time with accuracy. This information can be stored in a personal computer using a SCADA system. Turnkey is offered, including site installation, commissioning on product and training.

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