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Low cost contract spray drying

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article image Saurin spray dryer suitable for product development.

THE Saurin Group offers a range of spray dryers suitable for product development, small batch runs, and full scale production.

Spray drying involves transforming a fluid into a dry-powdered form. This is achieved by atomising the fluid into a drying chamber, where the liquid droplets are passed through a hot-air stream.

The objective is to produce a spray of high surface-to-mass ratio droplets, then to uniformly and quickly evaporate the water. Evaporation keeps product temperature to a minimum to prevent high-temperature deterioration.

Spray drying is used for dairy-based products, soup powders, starch-based products, flavours, nutritional products, and many others.

The Saurin range of spray dryers for contract manufacture of food products includes equipment capable of handling:

* 1kg/h and 3kg/h for product development.

* 200kg/h for batch sizes of 200kg to a few tonnes.

* 2300kg/h for larger production runs.

The capital investment in a spray drying plant can be high but producing spray dried products can be affordable. The cost of contract spray drying can be as low as 0.65 $/kg depending on the product and volumes.

Product development using our smaller dryers is aimed at minimising the risk and reducing the development costs.

Saurin offers several packaging options depending on the end user. It can supply packaging or use customer supplied packaging. Production runs can be short or long.

Wet processing and wet blending equipment is available to meet specific requirements. Computerised process control systems ensures quality and consistency.

Saurin has extensive product and process development capabilities from a bench top scale to a larger drying system with a full complement of wet processing equipment.

It has the ability to move quickly from initial trials to full scale production.

Saurin's goal is to produce the exact dairy and non-dairy food ingredients needed in the quantities required, and deliver them on-time at competitive prices.

Customer specifications which can be met include flavor intensity; dispersability; solubility; bulk density; particle size; and nutritional composition.

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