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In-line mixer for food and beverage industry

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article image Soliquid -- true in-line mixer.

SAURIN's Soliquid mixers are compact and true in-line mixers, suitable for the food and beverage industry.

They are capable of mixing powders in liquids in-line thus eliminating the need for tanks, pumps, heating of liquid for mixing, and cooling for storage.

They are pallet size equipment that actively de-aerate the product while mixing.

These mixers are aimed at fully automatic process controlled plants. The typical uses are to mix lactose, milk powders, sugar, salt and similar products.

Conventional mixing systems rely on batch mixing and necessitate the use of tanks to convert the batch process to a continuous process. Soliquid mixing system does not need tanks and is not subject to operator error.

It is a pallet-size equipment and can be installed in a dry area too.

The control is fully automatic and can be altered on-line without having to complete the batch. It does not even need a cleaning cycle and is able to clean with the plant.

One Soliquid can be used for adding up to four different powders together. The recipe can be stored in memory, too.

The plant comes with its own programmable logic controller (PLC) that controls the composition. This information can be communicated to the plant PLC for process monitoring and control.

Any error in composition is detected immediately and prevents downgrade of products. Customers believe it gives them a competitive advantage. The energy saving pays for the capital cost in one year.

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