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Horizontal spray dryer for powders

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article image Capacities range from 250kg to 2000kg of evaporation an hour.

SAURIN has released a range of horizontal spray dryers for use in the dairy, food, chemicals, and minerals industries. The dryers comply with Australian safety regulations.

They are built with explosion vents in compliance with NEPA, VDIA, and Australian standards. They are cheaper than vertical dryers and do not need a special building. Most of the range fits into a 6m-high building. Products that are generally dried on the horizontal spray Dryers include high fat powders, cheese powders, soup powders, coffee whitener, and calf milk replacer.

The SH 2.5 is the smallest spray dryer in the range and is capable of 250kg of evaporation an hour. The largest dryer is the SH 20, capable of 2000kg of evaporation an hour. The air inlet arrangement and the use of cooling air are designed to ensure that there is no product burn-on at the hot air inlet. The shape of The dryer chamber is designed according to the product and can be teardrop or box-shaped with conical bottom and screw conveyor. Alternately it can be rectangular with sanitary drag powder removal. The dryer comes complete with a programmable logic controller system and all the parameters are controlled automatically. A high-pressure pump feeds the liquid to spray nozzles. The dryer is preassembled in our workshop and tested.

The standard dryer is supplied skid-mounted and needs service connection. Options include cyclone, baghouse, stainless steel structure, SS316 construction, scrubber, alternative heating system, sifter, powder hopper, and bag sealing system.

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