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Flash coolers, preheaters and flash evaporators

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article image Skid-mounted units are pretested before dispatch.

SAURIN manufactures a range of flash vessels for cooling, preheating without the danger of thermoduric bacteria growth and evaporation of viscous liquids, sauces or pastes. They are aimed at the dairy, tomato processing, honey, cosmetics and chemicals industries.

Often the concentrate’s temperature needs to be reduced rapidly. A conventional heat exchanger does not work effectively due to viscosity but a flash cooler is ideal. The concentrate is introduced into a vacuum chamber. The vacuum created by steam ejectors. Evaporation takes place resulting in cooling and an increase in the solids content. The preheaters used in dairy industry are good for heat recovery and prevention of thermoduric bacteria buildup and give a 20-hour run. They use the flash vapour from preheated product to heat the fresh product. Existing evaporators can be retrofitted with the flash preheaters.

Saurin flash vessels are skid-mounted units and are pretested before dispatch. The unit comes with its own programmable logic controller. These are designed in accordance with the 3-A and dairy standards. The units also come with a vacuum pump, product pump, CIP pump if required and the control system. They are generally constructed of 304 stainless steel, but units can be constructed in other materials depending on customer requirements.

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