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De-aerators for liquids, sauces and pastes

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article image Assists in colour retention, flavour stability and product weights.

SAURIN manufactures de-aerators for removing air from liquids, sauces and pastes.

They are used in the dairy, tomato processing, honey, cosmetics and chemicals industries. De-aeration of products assists in colour retention, flavour stability and product weights and prevents oxidation.

The de-aerators are skid-mounted units that are tested before dispatch. Each unit comes complete with its own programmable logic controller. De-aerators are designed in accordance with the 3-A and dairy standards. The DA series is capable of handling delicate product or products that contain particulate matter.

The rotary distributor is the heart of the unit. It spreads the product in a thin film on the surface of the Deaerator body. Removal of air relies on vacuum, minimising air escape distance and temperature. The vacuum level and the film thickness can be selected to optimise the performance.

The units come with vacuum pump, product pump or CIP pump as required along with the control system. The standard material of construction is SS 304, but units can be constructed from other materials. The smallest model is DE 60 which can cater to 200kg/h of high-viscosity product. The largest unit is the DE 300 catering to 90,000kg/h of low-viscosity product or 30,000kg/h of high-viscosity product.

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