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A range of spin flash dryers from Saurin

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Saurin manufactures a range of spin flash dryers for chemical, process, mining and coal industry. Saurin has specifically designed and built these flash dryers with unique spin chamber design, a technology that was developed in-house. The flash dryers are ideal for drying powdery, granular, crystalline or pasty products.

The flash dryer is a short residence time dryer used for applications requiring high evaporative loads. The flash dryer is suitable for drying flammable (like coal dust) and heat sensitive products. The process is almost adiabatic. High heat and mass transfer rates are obtained, due to unique spin chamber design of Saurin.

The innovative design incorporates a Saurin developed Spin Chamber that is at the heart of the flash dryer. The method of mixing the wet product and the hot gases is important in the design of the flash dryer.

The Saurin spin chamber creates a high turbulence, causing rapid mixing of product and hot gases. This not only ensures quick drying, but also minimises the temperature rise of the product. It is possible to dry products using gas inlet temperatures that are far higher than the maximum allowable product temperature.

A proper design ensures that the temperature of the product does not exceed the wet bulb temperature of the drying air. It also allows the flash dryer to respond quickly to variations in moisture content and feed rate. The flash dryer lends itself to easy control, using either a programmable logic controller or stand alone controllers.

It is necessary to design the drying system for each individual application to find the optimum design. Saurin has invested in two pilot plants for conducting the trials to confirm the design. These pilot plants are also available to Saurin customers for the product trials for market acceptance.

Saurin spin flash dryers can be built with alternative heating system using gas, oil, electric or waste heat. The collection system can be cyclone, baghouse or scrubber. Saurin has in-house capability to design these to suit a customer’s requirements. The plants offered are rated from 20 Kg/hr evaporation to 2,000 Kg/hr.

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