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A range of CIPable baghouses from Saurin for food industry

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Saurin manufactures a range of CIPable baghouses for food industry. Saurin has specifically designed and built these CIPable baghouses with technology that was developed in-house.

The CIPable baghouses are ideal for use in food industry, where the product can be used as premium product and reduce the emission. The use of CIPable baghouses eliminate the need to use cyclones and baghouses in series, which are more expensive to install and operate.

The innovative design incorporates a CIP nozzle system and bag design that allows cleaning in place, without removing the bag. The CIPable baghouse allows the user, the ability to dry different products in a single baghouse. The CIPable baghouse can be cleaned between product changes without changing the bags, affording a substantial time savings and increased efficiency during production changes.

By means of accurately positioned Saurin designed spray nozzles in the CIPable baghouse, the housing walls, filter bags and the remainder of the internal fittings are sprayed with the cleaning solutions. Any caked-on product remains are dislodged and washed out of the filter, with the flow of draining water.

The effectiveness of the cleaning has been extensively tested for two years by installing the baghouse on a spray dryer that dries different types of flavours. No traces of previous flavours were noticed after wash.

Every Saurin CIPable baghouse is based around a circular design with tangential inlet, which allows us to recover many of a product by cyclonic action. The circular design also eliminates dead spots that are generally difficult to wash.

Saurin CIPable baghouses are available in sizes to suit customer’s requirements. The CIPable baghouses can be built with a fluid bed too.

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