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Sattach to showcase RollerForks MATEX 2007

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A working pair of RollerForks will be displayed by Sattach on stand 413 during the MATEX 2007 warehouse and materials handling exhibition, to be held in conjunction with National Manufacturing Week at the Melbourne Exhibition & Convention Centre, May 22 to May 25.

RollerForks hook onto any Cl II carriage. RollerForks do not need hydraulics, and can be used to handle standard pallets as well as slipsheets. RollerForks with slipsheets can handle packaged goods including bagged product and bulker bags.

Slipsheets save space in containers by up to 15% and are environmentally friendly. Slipsheets are cheap to rent or purchase. Slipsheets require 98% less stacking space, and are more hygienic and easier to clean.

RollerForks are cheap and light and have a low maintenance cost.

Inside each RollerForks fork are two layers of rollers, which drive each other when the forks are moved across the floor. The basic principle is that the upper rollers rotate at exactly the same speed but in the opposite direction as the lower rollers, which are in contact with the ground.

So, as the fork is driven forwards, the upper rollers rotate to pull the load up and onto the forks. Similarly, if the fork is driven backwards, the upper rollers rotate to push the load off the forks.

The RollerForks blade is hinged so that it is always flat on the floor, whatever the tilt forward angle of the mast. When the RollerForks are lifted off the ground, the rollers drop down and the load is held on the forks.

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