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QuickPlate2 for through-hole plating quickly and economically
09.09.2013 - QuickPlate2 is a compact and convenient through-hole plating system that provides an economical alternative to traditional single bath electrolytic through-hole plating.
Quick Plate for economical thru-hole plating on circuit boards
06.09.2013 - The Quick Plate system offers an economical thru-hole plating solution for circuit boards without the problems associated with conventional plating lines.
New QC-key USB keypad for Quick Circuit circuit board prototyping systems
05.09.2013 - Satcam introduces an innovative new USB keypad designed specifically for use with Quick Circuit circuit board prototyping systems.
Through-hole connection system simplifying plated-through holes
04.09.2013 - Satcam presents a simple method of achieving ‘plated-through’ holes without investing in an electroplating system.
QC High Speed bringing both performance and value to the table in circuit board prototyping
03.09.2013 - The Quick Circuit High Speed (HS) model in T-Tech's range of PCB prototyping machines establishes an industry benchmark in circuit board prototyping.
Quick Circuit QC5000S-E for prototyping circuit boards in hours
02.09.2013 - The Quick Circuit QC5000 is a standard model in the T-Tech series of PCB prototyping machines and is available in an affordable package.
Quick Circuit 3000 for cost-effective rapid prototyping
30.08.2013 - The new Quick Circuit Model 3000 offers a cost effective alternative to rapid prototyping machines available in the market.
QCJ5 setting the new standard for in-house prototyping
29.08.2013 - The QCJ5 model from the Quick Circuit PCB prototyping systems range simplifies in-house prototyping with several advanced features.
Through-hole connection system kits from Satcam
31.08.2011 - Through-hole connection systems available from Satcam involve a simple manual process for quick and cost-effective conductivisation of circuit board holes.
QC-key USB keypads for Quick Circut circuit board prototyping systems available from Satcam
25.07.2011 - Available now from Satcam, the QC-key is a USB keypad designed for use with Quick Circuit circuit board prototyping systems.
T-tech's Copperset available from Satcam for small-to-medium quantities of hollow through hole-connections
18.10.2010 - Satcam recommends T-Tech’s Copperset as one of the best ways to achieve small-to-medium quantities of hollow through hole-connections.
T-Tech’s Quick Connect systems for through hole automated connectivity from Satcam
15.10.2010 - Satcam introduces Satcam introduces T-Tech’s Quick Connect systems for through hole automated connectivity.
New T-Tech Isopro software available from Satcam
14.10.2010 - Satcam announces the new T-Tech Isopro, a new 32-bit software product developed from the earlier GraphiCode Inc Isolator.
Satcam introduces T-Tech new milling tools.
13.10.2010 - Satcam introduces two new versions of T-Tech's milling tools, the T-4 and the T-8.
RTD Circuit Design provides design & development support for PCB-centric projects.
05.08.2009 - Satccam design circuit boards and arrange the procurement of PCBs and all required components and their assembly.
Circuit Board Prototyping. Satcam introduces the new in house Quick Circuit QCJ5
03.08.2009 - Satcam introduces the new in house Quick Circuit QCJ5
The T-Tech Quick Plate available from SATCAM
29.07.2009 - As the only distributor of the T-Tech Quick Circuit series in Australia and New Zealand, SATCAM offer the T-Tech Quick Plate, which enables users to make their own prototype circuit boards in just a few hours.
T-Tech Quick Circuit Model HF available from SATCAM
23.07.2009 - SATCAM are the only Australian and New Zealand distributor of the T-Tech Quick Circuit series of machines that enable users to build their own prototype circuit boards.
SATCAM announces J5, the new PCB prototyping system from T-Tech Inc
22.07.2009 - J5 is the latest addition to T-Tech's range of precision milling systems for PCB prototyping.
Peak Lupe Precision Japanese Optics available from SATCAM
21.07.2009 - SATCAM supply Peak Lupe Precision Japanese Optics with 10x magnification and a wide visual field of approximately approx 26mm.
ScanCAD Products available from SATCAM
15.07.2009 - SATCAM supply a range of ScanCAD products.
Quick Circuit Model 3000 PCB Prototyping System from SATCAM
07.11.2008 - The quick circuit model 3000 PCB prototyping system available from SATCAM is a new product which provides a cost effective alternative to other rapid prototyping machines. The small footprint and economy pricing makes this machine ideal for both the
Printed Circuit Boards from SATCAM
03.01.2008 - SATCAM is involved in the design of RTD printed circuit boards and is also a distributor of softwares and equipments for designing circuit boards for all applications.
BluePrint software for PCBs
23.03.2006 - DOWNSTREAM Technologies, represented in Australia by Satcam, has begun shipping BluePrint for PCBs Release 1.0. BluePrint is a revolutionary new software solution that helps users quickly create the documentation that drives PCB fabrication, assembly
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