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QCJ5 setting the new standard for in-house prototyping

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The QCJ5 model from the Quick Circuit PCB prototyping systems range simplifies in-house prototyping with several advanced features.

Available with a choice of 60,000 or 100,000 rpm high performance variable speed spindles, the QCJ5 PCB prototyping system offers 12, 24 or 32-position automatic tool change to enable projects to run unattended and uninterrupted, saving valuable time.

The ContactByTouch software for automatic depth sensing controls the depth of cut settings, ensuring high levels of precision and accuracy in all milling procedures. CheckByTouch enables broken tool detection and software enabled tool management.

QCJ5’s 3-axis motion allows the user to pocket mill microwave boards, de-panel, repair circuit boards, fabricate enclosures, or create panels and housings. The 4-quadrant precision vacuum table secures materials to the precision flat surface ensuring accurate depth of cut and reducing damage to fragile prototypes.

The QCJ5 PCB prototyping system allows users to create resolutions as fine as 0.004mm with traverse speeds as high as 150 in/min.

The pre-touch pressure foot system applies evenly distributed pressure to the substrate prior to the drilling or milling operation. Integrated front panel controls provide the convenience of local access to common system commands.

The QCJ5 prototyping system comes with cables, integral enclosure, fiducial recognition camera, four-zone software activated vacuum table and 60,000/ 100,000 rpm spindle. The QCJ5 is also supplied with a one-piece copper laminate plus backup material, ten assorted tools, IsoPro software and manuals.

Quick Circuit PCB prototyping systems are made in the USA by T-Tech, Inc, represented for over 20 years by Satcam in Australia. Ranging from the entry level Model 3000 to the top-of-range QCJ5, the Quick Circuit PCB milling systems allow users to make their own circuit boards quickly and accurately without chemicals, using mechanical machining processes. The PCB prototyping systems are also suitable for producing enclosures, panels, engraved labels, signs and solder paste shims.

All Quick Circuit systems include a fully-featured licence to IsoPro, a powerful Gerber file editing software. Through-hole connectivity can be provided by Quick Plate, QuickPlate2 or thru-hole kits. Customers also have access to a Sydney-based stock of carbide drills, milling tools, consumables and spare parts.

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