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Printed Circuit Boards from SATCAM

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SATCAM  is involved in the design of RTD printed circuit boards and is also a distributor of software and equipment for designing circuit boards for all applications. With over forty years of experience in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards, SATCAM designs quality circuit boards for a variety of applications such as mains isolation, medical isolation, low level analog and high level digital boards and boards for switching power supplies.

SATCAM aids companies with printed circuit board design needs by providing them with complete manufacturing information package that includes Gerber files, drill and rout files, and manufacturing specification drawings. This way SATCAM aids in faster and professional design of circuit boards for a variety of applications, that is both cost effective and good in quality.

The design guidance provided by SATCAM for companies with with printed circuit board design needs helps in finding out perfect estimates for circuit board design and development through its supply of documents such as plots of the printed circuit board layout, full manufacturing specification drawing, net lists and prints of the Gerber files.

SATCAM distributes the CAM 350 software developed by DownStream Technologies for aiding the printed circuit boards manufacturing. SATCAM is also the Australian and New Zealand distributor of T-Tech's Quick Circuit series, which helps in prototyping the circuit boards. SATCAM also distributes Printed Circuit Board Translation Softwares developed by Router Solutions.

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