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DOWNSTREAM Technologies, represented in Australia by Satcam , has begun shipping BluePrint for PCBs Release 1.0.

BluePrint is a revolutionary new software solution that helps users quickly create the documentation that drives PCB fabrication, assembly and inspection and is a key component in DownStream’s vision to provide comprehensive solutions for all deliverables associated with releasing a PCB to manufacturing.

The first shipment of the product included sales to a cross-section of the PCB industry including PCB design and engineering groups, PCB prototype manufacturers and contract manufacturers both in the US and Europe.

BluePrint will also be shipped at no additional cost to customers who participated in BluePrint Pre-Release Purchase program.

DownStream Technologies began development of BluePrint over three years ago.

The latest BluePrint release enables customers to create manufacturing tooling aids such as Gerber and NC files, as well as Fabrication Assembly Drawings and Parts Lists and deliver them in a single, electronic package to manufacturing.

BluePrint for PCBs – a new paradigm in pcb documentation

Until now, PCB Engineering groups have faced undesirable choices when it came to producing PCB documentation – use highly-skilled, highly-compensated PCB designers and increase the PCB layout cycle dramatically (up to 50%) or increase manufacturing risk by providing minimal fabrication and assembly instructions.

In contrast, BluePrint uses the available PCB design intelligence to automatically create and link unlimited PCB views and details resulting in a more detailed and accurate documentation package in a much shorter timeframe.

Documentation packages created with BluePrint contain all the data necessary to build, view and archive the final product anywhere, anytime.

DownStream expects BluePrint to save as much as 60%-80% off the PCB documentation creation process — even more when engineering change orders (ECOs) are required.

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