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article image Sardik’s Top Entry Mixer.

SARDIK Engineering’s Top Entry Mixers come in many sizes from small 37kw up to 150kw.

All the small Top Entry Mixers range from 37kw up to 1.5kw, in both single phase and 3 phase configurations with compressed air drives as optional.

High speed Top Entry Mixers can also come with all these options:

* Air motors

* EXE and EXD motors

* Electric motors from standard IP55 protection to IP66 protection

* Mechanical variable drives

* Electrical variable drives

* Various impeller designs for all different applications.

Slow speed Top Entry Mixers can also come with all the options above.

Sardik Engineering also supply:

* Large top entry mixers to 150kw

* Side entry mixers to 37kw

* Motionless mixers (stata tube design)

* Motionless mixers (spiral mixer design)

* Emulsifying mixers

* Laboratory dispersers

* High speed dispersers 2.2kw to 110kw

* Anchor stirrers

* Reactor vessel agitators

* Paste mixers

* In-line dynamic mixers

* Custom designed agitators and mixers.

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