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Smart San instant sanitizer available from Saraya Australia

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Saraya Australia  has been advised by the ANMI (Australian National Measurement Institute) that its hand sanitizer Smart San instant mist sanitizer meets Australia guidelines for components of GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe).

Hence, its product has been indorsed as safe in and around food preparation cares without a rinse.

ANMI regarded the ingredients of Smart San instant sanitizer to be safe and if the product is used in accordance with the directions on the label it is not likely to deleteriously affect food/ food products.

There is a growing concern for foods poisoning and outbreaks such as gastro viral Experts warned that a virulent strain of gastroenteritis is expected to infect tens of thousands of Australians this coming year.

The best way to avoid such virus is to enforce strict hygiene rules i.e. washing hands and using sanister’s to effectively kill most germs.

Food safety is crucial, so when washing hands one needs to make sure that they do it properly. It is important to use a hand wash that sanitizes the hands.

The commonly missed parts of the hand during washing with soap and water are the fingernails and cuticles. It is estimated that 30% to 40% of all germs can be found there.

Smart San instant mist hand sanitizer is an advanced liquid formula that penetrates and saturates those commonly missed areas, sanitizing and killing germs within seconds.

When used as directed, Smart San instant mist hand sanitizer eliminates 99.9% of all gram positive and gram negative bacteria. Unlike gel hand sanitizers, Smart San instant mist hand sanitizer a liquid mist insures complete coverage and saturation of the hand.

This helps to dislodge contaminants and at the same time soften the hands which improve skin integrity.

Saraya Australia’s no touch dispensing systems also insures that there is no cross contamination, keeping the hands clean for food preparation.

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