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Saraya Australia launches new surface sanitiser

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Saraya Australia , the manufacturer of alcohol-based sanitising products for the food and healthcare industries, has launched Smart San D2, a surface sanitiser product.

Smart San D2 is a ready-to-use evaporative surface sanitiser for food contact and non-food contact surfaces.

Because Smart San D2 is formulated with low water content, it is especially useful in water-sensitive areas.

Gary Schaal, General Manager of Saraya Australia, commented, “We have been working for several years to bring Smart San D2 to the food industries. Maintenance departments have been asking for this product because of the highly corrosive nature of water-based sanitisers, particularly with tools and water sensitive equipment and environments.”

The evaporative, no-rinse formula is alcohol-based, with a four-chain quaternary compound. It requires no mixing or dilution.

The new product will be available in 950ml. trigger sprayers, 5 litre, and 20 litre.

“Alcohol is now recognised to be the gold standard of sanitisers,” Schaal said, “Just five years ago, alcohols were used in healthcare for sanitising only on an emergency basis – but now, alcohol rinses are written into CDC/APIC guidelines and many SOP’s as a preferred method of hand and or surface hygiene.”

Smart san D2 also know as Alpet D2 in the USA is the EPA registered and meets USDA and FDA guidelines for direct food contact surfaces not requiring a rinse.

Schaal added, “We expect the industry to gravitate to the alcohol surface sanitiser, just as they have in the States. The competition offers solutions that are over 90% water, and water is known to be problematic in plant settings. Water harbors bacteria, and is corrosive to equipment – Smart San D2 is the unique solution to that problem.”

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