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URAS electric vibrators and piston vibrators from Sanwest

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Sanwest  provides different types of vibratory equipment. Various types of vibratory equipment from Sanwest include URAS electric vibrators, Cougar ball vibrators, piston vibrators, electromagnetic feeders, Cougar hydraulic as well as truck vibrators and turbine vibrators. URAS vibrators consist of enclosed housing thereby suitable for dusty environments. Three phase, two pole fixed type of vibrators from Sanwest can be used for various applications like paper joggers, vibrating tables, vibrating feeders and moulding machines. These vibrators can also be used in conjunction with hoppers to prevent discharge difficulties. Different features of URAS electric vibrators include antivibration construction, minimal maintenance, durable, quiet operation, powerful vibration and can be installed easily.

Sanwest offers two different types of piston vibrators that include impact vibrators as well as air cushioned vibrators. Impact piston vibrators consist of several unique features including single exhaust port in conjunction with port protector, piston and rugged ductile iron cylinder. This rugged ductile iron cylinder helps in decreasing the weight of the vibrator. The whole body is cast thereby enabling easy attachment of safety cable.

Air cushioned vibrators from Sanwest comprises of piston that has been cushioned on a pad of air. Other features of this vibrator include single threaded exhaust port in conjunction with exhaust muffler, heavy duty mounting fasteners and gasket.

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