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Trough belt conveyors and bucket elevator components from Sanwest

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Sanwest  specialises in providing engineering and equipment supplies suitable for mining and process industries. These engineering and equipment supplies include portable conveyors, magnetic equipment, metal detection products, vibrators and weighing equipment. Different types of vibrators include air operated piston vibrators, ball vibrators, hydraulic vibrators, high frequency vibrators, electric vibrators and electromagnetic vibrators. Portable conveyors from Sanwest have been specifically designed for mining industries, process plants, cement, fertilisers and chemical industries.

Sanwest provides trough belt conveyors and flat belt conveyors. Trough belt conveyors provided by Sanwest comprise of different components including head conversion component, cover, underspeed component, guards, scraper, skirts, pull wire and support brackets. These trough belt conveyors are suitable to be used in pharmaceutical, packaging, recycling, plastics, food and many other industries. These conveyors can also be used for mining iron ore, gold, coal, nickel and mineral sands. Trough belt conveyors from Sanwest can also be used in conjunction with materials handling as well as vibration equipment.

Sanwest also offers bucket elevator components. These bucket elevator components have been specifically designed to handle diverse range of materials including grains, meals, cement as well as fertilisers. Bucket elevator components from Sanwest have been manufactured seamless steel, stainless steel and galvanised steel.

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