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Evaporative cooling machine from Sanroma

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Regular fans simply circulate the existing air, same humidity at the same temperature. The Quietcool evaporative cooling range from Sanroma takes that same existing air, combines it with evaporating water, which dramatically lowers the temperature immediately relieving hot, dry areas.

Evaporative cooling construction:

  • Housing - Constructed of rotomolded, corrosion free polyethylene.
  • Fan - Industrial duty construction.
  • Fan motor - High efficiency for a long life.
  • Re-circulating pump - High efficiency, maintenance free and corrosion
  • Resistant submersible pump.
  • Float valve - Corrosion and maintenance free.
  • Water lines/fittings - All corrosion free materials.
  • Cooling media - Cross corrugated angle, with fluted specially formulated cellulose material treated with a thermosetting resin. Specifically designed for evaporative cooling so there is no excess load on the fan
Evaporative cooling machines can cool between 50sqm to 200 sqm based on cooler specifics. All run off a standard garden hose and require a 240 volt power supply.

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