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Speed controllers and function fitting products from Sang-A Pneumatic Co (Aust)

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Sang-A Pneumatic Co (Aust)  offers speed controllers and function fitting products. Speed controllers are valves that have been specifically designed for controlling the operation speed of various driving devices. These speed controller valves can also be used for the movement of different machines that include pneumatic fingers and cylinders. Various features of these speed controller devices include compact as well as lightweight construction and also have the capability to control wide range of airflow. The compact design of this speed controller valve enables to provide diverse range of airflow similar to the conventional speed controller. Also, the lightweight construction helps these speed controller valves to be used within confined spaces limits.

Function fitting products provided by Sang-A Pneumatic Co (Aust) include stop fitting devices, ball valves, hand valves, hand slide valves, check valves, rotary joints and main blocks. Stop fitting devices from Sang-A Pneumatic Co (Aust) are suitable to be installed in places where pneumatic connections require frequent changing thereby ideal for laboratories. Ball valves are used for controlling airflow both in opened as well as closed positions. These ball valves are suited for water and air consisting of PPS plastic body. Hand valves from Sang-A Pneumatic Co (Aust) have been specifically designed for turning off as well as on air pressure of pneumatic devices.

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