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SERTO Natural Gas Stainless Steel Check Valves from Sang-A Pneumatic Co (Aust)

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article image SERTO Natural Gas Stainless Steel Check Valves

Sang-A Pneumatic Co (Aust)  offers SERTO’s stainless steel check valves that have ECE R110 gas approval for use in natural gas applications.

This is especially important for the rapidly growing market in natural gas and hydrogen-operated automobiles and fuelling stations.

"All automobile manufacturers are currently involved in developing alternative drive systems," explains René Glaus, Product Manager at SERTO.

“Because our components are very compact and take less space, they are naturally in high demand. The  gas approval means that our customers have access to tested and certified components.”

The stainless steel check valves in SERTO’s product offering are ECE R110 approved up to 400 bar.

Presently, natural gas is the only viable alternative to the well-known fossil fuels as it is not only cheaper than petrol or diesel but also friendlier to the environment with lower CO2 emissions.

Consequently the market for natural gas and hydrogen-operated automobiles and fuelling stations is growing rapidly.

The downside is the restricted range of these gas-powered vehicles with space being at a premium for the fuel tank.

When looking to save space and weight, designers are very interested in small and compact components.

Similar to other SERTO tube unions, the stainless steel check valves are a wrench size smaller than competitive products. Assembly and disassembly as well as repeated assembly is possible radially according to SERTO’s patented technology.

The double-ferrule mechanism works with a compression ferrule rather than a cutting ring. The tube is therefore not damaged, but only slightly deformed.

The check valves are made of stainless steel 1.4571 and have been tested in the dimension range of 6–18 millimetres outer diameter. The components are approved for diverse groups within the pressure ratings (PN) of 200, 330 and 400 bar.

With ECE R110 approval, products and components for fuel systems with compressed natural gas can be built into motor vehicles and fuelling stations.

To get ECE R110 approval testing must be conducted according to ISO 15500 Part 2, 3 and 19. These tests include:

  • Pressure test of components for three minutes at a pressure of 1000 bar
  • Gas tightness test wherein the components are subjected to temperatures ranging from -40°C to 120°C
  • Tests for bending resistance, corrosion behaviour, vibration resistance and many other properties

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