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Sandvik’s 60t Toro rolls out

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Sandvik has launched the Toro 60 underground truck in Australia, which it says can carry a full 60t load.

Based on the company’s rigid frame chassis and triple axle design, the Toro 60 has a small turning radius and a surprisingly small overall size.

Measuring 10.6m long x 3.3m high x 3.2m wide, it can work in the same size tunnels as 50t trucks.

The triple axle design distributes weight effectively and is assisted in this by front and rear axle steering, load compensation and front wheel active suspension.

The Cummings diesel engine produces 567kW output, which Sandvik says gives the truck the highest productivity in its class size. The truck enjoys the power- to-weight ratio of a smaller vehicle and fully loaded it can reach 38.5km/h.

Sandvik says the truck, which went on display at the recent 9th AusIMM Underground Operators’ Conference, is designed to work in partnership with the 21t Toro 0011 LHD.

The cabin is sound-proofed, air conditioned and has built-in safety features to protect the machine and the operator. Other features include a separate instructor’s seat and ground-level maintenance access.

Sandvik Toro business line manager George Tophinke says the Toro 60 is the first genuine 60t underground truck in the world.

“The Toro 60 has up to 40% higher speed and a 20% greater load capacity, making it the most productive and cost effective truck in its class on the market,” Tophinke says.

“I’m certain that Aussie mine managers will love the Toro 60 for its productivity, its reliability and its capacity to move more ore than any other vehicle on the market,” he says.

Before arriving in Australia, the truck underwent two years testing at Sandvik’s underground and surface test facilities in Finland.

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