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New electro-hydraulic bolting jumbo

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Sandvik has released its new Tamrock Cabolter 07 series fully mechanised one-person electro-hydraulic bolting jumbo.

It is most suitable for installing steel strand and bulb anchor support cables for rock reinforcement in underground mines and tunnels with small and medium cross sections.

Sandvik says the machine is the only one on the market that can install up to 25m-long cement grouted cable bolts. Its safety and reliability make it particularly attractive in Australia.

Macmahon specialist drilling manager for underground Phil Gelmi says the Cabolter is the only machine on the market at the moment that can efficiently install cable roof bolts.

“When experience counts, you just can’t beat the Cabolter,” Gelmi says.

“We’ve been running two Tamrock Cabolters for seven years now, and you can’t fault them on quality, safety or reliability. We recently took delivery of our third Cabolter and have just ordered another one which is due in August.”

According to Sandvik account manager Ricky Jackson, the series represents a quantum leap in underground support cable installation.

“The new boom design greatly improves operator visibility and safety while the modular head bolt ensures maximum versatility between drilling and grouting functions,” Jackson says.

“Twenty-five per cent fewer hydraulic hoses mean less maintenance downtime and greater productivity. At the end of the day, that’s what makes money for our customers.”

Closely related to the Robolt and Solo series, and utilising standard components where possible, the Cabolter features a newly designed boom layout, a modular bolt head structure and new control systems.

Based on a high mobility jumbo carrier, the Cabolter has a horizontal tramming speed of 18km/h and a ramp speed of 6.7km/h (1:7).

It can operate in tunnel heights as low as 3.5m and as high as 8.4m, making it versatile in a range of underground conditions.

The grouting function has been significantly improved by the use of a vertical shaft mixer and piston pump, which ensures the cement grout has good final strength.

The Cabolter 07 series has a lower water to cement ratio, which ensures the cement remains in vertical holes.

The rod handling system on the Cabolter has capacity for 19 pieces of 1" rods, while the steel strand reel has a capacity of 800m.

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