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Improved woodband saw products

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ONGOING development by Sandvik Materials Technology of its woodband saw products has led to a better surface finish and improved straightness for woodband saw strip.

At the same time, the company has announced the launch of a new steel for mobile woodband saws.

Extensive production trials on steel strip over 1mm thick has led to a more uniform and a finer surface finish on materials used in the manufacture of woodband saws, bringing benefits to both toolmaker and end user.

For the toolmaker, the improved strip offers less deviation between coils and allows for easier processing and increased swageability.

For the end user, the finer surface finish gives less starting points for cracks and results in longer tool life.

A development in the production process, concerning slitting techniques for narrow woodband saw strip up to 1mm thick, means straightness has been further improved.

It is now possible to guarantee a precision product with a specified out-of- straightness reading of 0.25mm per metre instead of the previous 0.50mm per metre.

In response to increased global demand for mobile woodband saws, Sandvik Materials Technology has developed a new steel specially for this application.

Based on the metallurgy and processing of Sandvik Multishift woodband saw steel, the new steel, designated Sandvik WM offers several advantages.

It has a higher fatigue resistance than standard woodband saw steel which means longer life. It also has good toughness, reducing the risk of blade cracking, and a higher tensile strength than standard woodband saw steel which keeps the set and increases wear resistance.

Sandvik WM is available in any width and in standard thicknesses of 0.90mm and 1.07mm.

Sandvik has a dedicated website for woodworking products at www.smt.sandvik.com/woodworking. The site includes full details of products and also includes-latest news, process recommendations and technical information to support the woodworking industry.

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