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High-strength formable stainless steel

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article image Sandvik Nanoflex stainless steel product.

SANDVIK Materials Technology has developed a new stainless steel called Sandvik NanofleXTM.

The new steel allows ultra-high strength to be combined with good formability, corrosion resistance and a good surface finish.

Because of the combination of properties, Sandvik Nanoflex is suitable for mechanical applications where lightweight, rigid designs are required. Good elasticity and strength can result in thinner and even lighter components than those made from aluminium and titanium.

Sandvik Nanoflex is already being used in medical equipment, such as surgical needles and dental tools. The metal is also suitable for use in lightweight chassis applications and sports equipment.

The strength and surface properties of Sandvik Nanoflex also offer opportunities for items for the automotive industry, replacing hard-chromed low alloy steels. This would allow the elimination of environmentally unfriendly hard-chroming processes.

The stainless steel’s surface treatments offer good wear resistance and low friction properties on a hard substrate.

The steel’s formability makes cold forming operations such as bending, cutting, turning and grinding easy to perform. After reaching a desired shape, a simple low temperature heat treatment gives the material its high strength without distorting the work piece.

Good corrosion resistance means no corrosion protection treatment is required and yet cosmetic and functional finishes for different applications can be obtained. Sandvik Nanoflex displays good welding properties. It is available in the form of tube, strip, wire and bar.

Sandvik Nanoflex has a tensile strength approximately 1700MPa/246ksi and 2000MPa/290ksi. Elongation between 8% and 6%, hardness from 45 to 58 HRC.

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