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Colour-coated decorative metal strip

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article image Decorex strip – productivity gains.

SANDVIK Decorex - an innovative, colour-coated strip material from Sandvik Materials Technology , is providing productivity benefits for decorative component producers in the consumer electronics, domestic appliance, automotive and interior design industries.

The material combines an extensive colour range and various surface finishes with the processing properties and technical benefits of stainless steel strip.

All strip is delivered colour coated. Excellent adhesion between the base material and the coating make it possible for the strip to be cold formed and bent to close radii without affecting the colour quality.

Compared with processes relying on a final colour coating operation - particularly if it is outsourced - this removes process steps, shortens production times, and means less material tied up in production and stock.

Colour stability also improves production yields, particularly when compared, for example, with wet processes such as anodising.

Decorex has complete colour consistency along the whole strip length and from batch to batch. It means components can be designed enabling producers to take advantage of economical, reliable and repeatable processing.

Close control of the production process means very tight flatness and colour layer tolerances are achieved. This has particular productivity benefits during blanking, stamping, deep drawing, punching, and grinding operations.

The net result is that although Decorex is sometimes initially more expensive, the combination of reduced processing times, increased productivity and yield means the final component cost is lower.

All surface finishes are scratch resistant and meet pencil hardness tests according to ISO 15184 or ASTM D3363 standards. Surfaces are also fingerprint resistant. Even with the bright finish, fingerprints can be removed by a simple wipe-over.

Special processes have been developed to apply the colour coating to the stainless steel strip. The new technology uses a roll-to-roll process where single or multiple layer coatings can be applied to one or both sides of the strip.

Decorex is available in thicknesses up to 0.8mm; in strip widths up to 370mm; and in a range of stainless steel material grades.

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