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Sandvik Coromant releases new CoroMill QD groove milling concept
20.03.2015 - Sandvik Coromant has introduced a new range of trouble-free groove milling cutters featuring internal coolant and dedicated insert geometries.
Five tips for machining titanium
01.09.2014 - Sandvik Coromant has compiled five tips to help metalworkers and machinists machine through tough titanium.
How to machine long and accurate holes in the current demanding environment
27.06.2013 - Sandvik Cormant, a milling and metal working equipment manufacturer, have put together a how to on new ways to drill and what can help manufacturers work better, and most impo
Sandvik Coromant Global President makes special visit to NSW engineering company on Australia tour
28.05.2013 - Sandvik Coromant Global President Klas Forsstrom visited NSW engineering company Archer Enterprises on his first trip to Australia.
Silent Tools milling adaptors from Sandvik Coromant boost productivity
18.11.2011 - Sandvik Coromant has extended its range of Silent Tools milling adaptors to include new dampened adaptors.
Sandvik Coromant’s quick change clamping units
17.11.2011 - Sandvik Coromant presents a new range of quick change clamping units that maximises the amount of actual machining time on the machine.
Easy and economical milling with new CoroMill 316 cutting heads from Sandvik Coromant
16.11.2011 - Sandvik Coromant introduces three new styles of inserts for the CoroMill 316 exchangeable head milling systems.
Sandvik Coromant introduces new CoroMill 176 carbide insert hobs to reduce cutting time in gear milling
15.11.2011 - World-leading supplier of cutting tools and tooling systems for the metalworking industry, Sandvik Coromant has introduced a new full profile hob for gear milling.
Klas Forsström new President of Sandvik Coromant
14.11.2011 - Klas Forsström has recently taken over as President of Sandvik Coromant, the world leading supplier of cutting tools, tooling solutions, service and know-how to the metalworking industry.
Sandvik Coromant’s Cutting Tools Recycling Program
17.08.2011 - A cutting tools recycling program launched by Sandvik Coromant in 1996 enables their customers to dispose of their old tools safely and free of charge.
Sandvik Coromant introduce new tools for the aerospace industry at the Avalon Airshow 2011
06.04.2011 - Sandvik Coromant has introduced a range of drills used for rivet and bolt holes in carbon reinforced plastics and metallic stack materials at the Avalon Australian International Airshow 2011.
CoroMill Plura small ball nose end mills now stocked by Sandvik Coromant
04.04.2011 - Now available from Sandvik Coromant, CoroMill Plura small ball nose end mills have been designed for use in profiling applications where a high degree of precision is required.
Sandvik Coromant supplies CoroTurn SL boring bars with exchangeable cutting heads
01.04.2011 - A variety of heads can be used with CoroTurn SL boring bars from Sandvik Coromant, providing a versatile platform to built a range of cutting units from a small inventory.
Wiper inserts from Sandvik Coromant help to improve turning productivity
31.03.2011 - Sandvik Coromant stocks a wide range of wiper inserts for use in high feed machining applications. These devices can assist in improving turning productivity while producing excellent surface finishes.
Hydro-Grip High Precision Tool Holders now available from Sandvik Coromant
24.11.2010 - Hydro-Grip high precision tool holders enables secure clamping for milling, drilling and reaming tools, as well as precision and rigid-tool stability to improve machining performance.
New Sialon grade CC6060 ceramics available from Sandvik Coromant
17.11.2010 - Sialon grade CC6060 ceramics have been introduced by Sandvik Coromant to facilitate and increase opportunities for the turning and milling of heat resistant super alloys.
Sandvik Coromant introduces the CoroBore XL 825/826 XL Boring Tools
17.11.2010 - The CoroBore XL 825/826 XL boring tools enable fine boring to be completed rapidly and with high productivity
CoroMill 170 high performance cutters available from Sandvik Coromant
16.11.2010 - Available from Sandvik Coromant, CoroMill 170 high performance cutters are used for precision roughing of external and internal gears.
Sandvik Coromant releases free Machining Calculator App
15.11.2010 - Sandvik Coromant is pleased to announce that they have just released a free App that has been specifically designed to offer engineers and machinists a convenient resource for calculating cutting data.
CoroMill 325 thread whirling inserts and holders now available from Sandvik Coromant
12.11.2010 - Available from Sandvik Coromant, CoroMill 325 thread whirling inserts and holders are capable of creating a wide selection of high precision screws and implants at high speed from rough stock.
Sandvik Coromant and Precorp partnership focuses on composite machining solutions
05.05.2010 - Sandvik Coromant and Precorp Inc. have reached a cooperation agreement with the aim of being a joint provider for composite machining solutions.
CoroDrill Delta-C R846 drills for heat resistant super alloy machining from Sandvik Coromant
16.02.2010 - Sandvik Coromant has developed a new drill, CoroDrill Delta-C R846, for Heat Resistant Super Alloy machining in aerospace applications, such as the production of gas turbine casings.
GC4205 insert grades for steel turning from Sandvik Coromant
16.02.2010 - Sandvik Coromant completes its New Insert Generation with the introduction of GC4205, the first choice new insert grade for steel turning at high speeds and high metal removal rates under stable conditions.
CoroTurn TR rigid interface profiling tools now availble from Sandvik Coromant
15.02.2010 - Sandvik Coromant is now introducing CoroTurn TR rigid interface profiling tools with new tool holders with zero offset that allow the system to be used in sliding head machines.
CoroMill 490 shoulder mills from Sanvik Coromant
14.02.2010 - Sandvik Coromant has launched the first of a new generation of shoulder mills, the CoroMill 490, which reduces machining costs by up to 25 per cent.
Two new titanium milling grades now available from Sandvik Coromant
13.02.2010 - Two new grades to tackle the extreme demands of titanium milling are now being launched by Sandvik Coromant.
CoroMill 490 milling cutters from Sandvik Coromant now offer 10mm depth of cut
13.02.2010 - CoroMill 490 milling cutters available from Sandvik Coromant, can now take up to 10mm depth of cut.
CoroThread 266 grade from Sandvik Coromant, for threading stainless and super alloys
12.02.2010 - Sandvik Coromant introduce the insert grade GC1125, which is now complemented with the new grade GC1135.
Greater flexibility with integrated tool holders from Sandvik Coromant
11.02.2010 - This new range of integrated tool holders from Sandvik Coromant are designed for compatibility with CoroMill 316 exchangeable-head (EH) tools.
Sandvik Coromant introduces new GC4220 series grade
14.09.2007 - Sandvik Coromant’s new GC4220 grade promises a 20%-30% improvement in productivity against the current grade due to the new developments in grade technology and an improved substrate and coating.
Sandvik Coromant introduces new series steel turning grade
13.09.2007 - New steel turning grade GC4215 from Sandvik Coromant delivers higher performance machining results across a wide steel application area and enables increased cutting data in wet and dry conditions.
Sandvik Coromant introduces new series grade
12.09.2007 - GC1125 grade available from Sandvik Coromant has a good all-round ability and provides the means to improve performance in a wide geometry range across many parting, grooving, turning and profiling operations.
CD 880 drill available from Sandvik Coromant
11.09.2007 - Since Sandvik Coromant introduced CoroDrill 880 a couple of years ago its proven performance has moved short-hole drilling on to a new level in hole making.
Sandvik Coromant introduces new high pressure coolant system
10.09.2007 - Improved chip control and extended tool life are two key benefits of Sandvik Coromant’s new CoroTurn HP high pressure coolant system.
CoroTurn TR inserts available from Sandvik Coromant
16.05.2007 - CoroTurn TR provides a solution for accurately securing the position of inserts in the tool holder.
New machining solutions by Sandvik Coromant
09.03.2007 - Sandvik Coromant, the global market leader in cutting tools, contributed to increasing productivity and the making of machining components.
Sandvik Coromant on productive machining alloys
08.03.2007 - HRSA are metallurgical composed to have high strength at high temperatures and the consequence of this is that the stresses involved when machining them are also high.
New range of inserts available from Sandvik Coromant
07.03.2007 - The next stage in the new insert generation from Sandvik Coromant sees the arrival of the tough grade in its large steel turning family.
Cutting inserts available from Sandvik Coromant
06.03.2007 - New insert grade GC4230 from Sandvik Coromant is a highly versatile and all round performer, optimised for light to heavy milling of alloyed and unalloyed steels.
CoroTurn TR introduced by Sandvik Coromant
05.03.2007 - A new concept from Sandvik Coromant is set to provide significant performance benefits in profile machining, CoroTurn TR offers a more stable clamping and improved security via a robust T-rail interface between insert and holder.
CoroMill 390 milling cutters available from Sandvik Coromant
02.03.2007 - A new range of damped silent tools from Sandvik Coromant is bringing substantial performance benefits to complement the existing range of long and slender CoroMill 390 milling cutters.
CB7025 cutting tool introduced by Sandvik Coromant
01.03.2007 - New grade CB7025 broadens the application of Sandvik Coromant cutting tools towards a stronger hard part turning offer.
Ceramic grades available from Sandvik Coromant
01.03.2007 - Round inserts in grades CC6060 and CC6065 increase the available HRSA cutting tool assortment from Sandvik Coromant.
Machining solutions for engine and transmission components from Sandvik Coromant
29.01.2007 - Continual improvements are important instruments for achieving higher competitiveness in the automotive industry. With the automotive industry being so dependent upon its manufacturing performance, adopting new tooling developments is vital.
Heat resistant super alloys from Sandvik Coromant
29.01.2007 - Heat resistant super alloys are among the demanding materials to machine.
Sandvik Coromant introduces new K milling grades
26.09.2006 - The new insert generation from Sandvik Coromant reaches the next stage with the introduction of two new K milling grades.
QS Holding System available from Sandvik Coromant
26.09.2006 - QS Holding System is a timesaving and productive alternative to conventional tool holders used in Citizen Cincom sliding head machines.
New insert geometry introduced by Sandvik Coromant
25.09.2006 - Turning low carbon steels with good results is often hard to achieve with conventional geometries, where constant chip jamming leads to interruptions in production.
New demands on insert toughness
08.05.2006 - IN a growing number of operations today it is the toughness property of an indexable insert which is playing an increasingly decisive role in providing productivity increases. The main reasons are higher security, larger application areas in combinat
A new generation of insert grades
05.05.2006 - TO give productivity a boost through improved performance in the toughness demanding operations in steel milling Sandvik Coromant is now introducing GC1030 and GC4240, the first in a new line of milling grades. These two new insert grades have been e
CoroDrill 880 now holes down to 16.5mm diameters
05.05.2006 - SANDVIK Coromant recently introduced the CoroDrill 880 - a giant leap in short hole drilling. The Step Technology made it the first indexable insert drill with perfect cutting force balance that substantially improves production economy in holemaking
Insert grades for improved performance in steel milling
25.01.2006 - SANDVIK Coromant has introduced the GC1030 and GC4240, the first in a new line of milling grades, to give productivity a boost through improved performance in the demanding steel milling operations. These two insert grades have been especially optimi
High-performing inserts for steel turning
17.01.2006 - SANDVIK Coromant’s GC4225 represents the next generation of P25 grades to enhance machining performance in the general steel turning area. Over the past few years, Sandvik Coromant has carried out extensive R&D to establish the new P25 grade.
Indexable insert drill
08.12.2005 - WHEN Sandvik Coromant recently introduced CoroDrill 880 it was perceived as a giant leap forward in short hole drilling. The Step Technology made it the first indexable insert drill with perfect cutti
Multi-task machining
06.12.2005 - SANDVIK Coromant has established a new standard in machine tool technologies with the launch of the multifunctional CoroPlex MT. CoroPlex MT is a combination of two winning concepts in one – CoroMill 390 and CoroTurn 107.
Application for ISO standard on Coromant Capto system
01.12.2005 - SANDVIK Coromant has applied for the ISO standard for the Coromant Capto system. Coromant Capto has been on the market for 15 years and has gained a strong position in the area of quick tool changing systems and modular tools.
CoroCut MB provides internal grooving with accuracy
29.11.2005 - SANDVIK Coromant’s CoroCut MB (minibar) focuses on internal high precision grooves in holes down to 10mm diameter. CoroCut MB offers a wide range of insert widths from 0.7mm for circlip grooves and different insert sizes for shallow and deep grooves,
CoroGuide integrated with Pathtrace’s EdgeCAM version 7.75
28.11.2005 - SANDVIK Coromant and EdgeCAM customers continue to reap the benefits of the worldwide collaboration agreement between Pathtrace and Sandvik Coromant. The latest release of Pathtrace's EdgeCAM, version
Shrink fit adaptors for high speed machining
24.11.2005 - SANDVIK Coromant has introduced shrink fit adaptors as a complement to the CoroGrip and HydroGrip precision chuck programs. The balanced and slim design of the adaptors makes them suitable for high speed machining and for die and mould manufacturing.
CoroMill facemills now with exchangeable cassettes
16.11.2005 - SANDVIK Coromant’s CoroMill 245 cutters are developed for rough to semi-finish milling of steel and cast iron. The main application area for the CoroMill Century system is semi-finish to mirror finish milling of aluminium, cast iron and hardened stee
High Speed Machining (HSM) - Advantages, disadvantages, do’s and don’ts
26.09.2005 - HIGH speed machining (HSM) offers benefits to a range of applications. It is possible to apply HSM-technology for milling of cavities in qualified, high-alloy tool steels up to 60-63 HRc
Smaller drills for indexable insert drill
01.08.2005 - SANDVIK Coromant’s CoroDrill 880 is now available with cylindrical shanks from 29.5 mm down to 16.5mm in diameter and with Coromant Capto coupling down to 20mm in diameter.
Shrink fit adaptors for high-speed machining
29.07.2005 - SANDVIK Coromant has released Coromant Capto shrink fit adaptors as a complement to the CoroGrip and HydroGrip precision chuck programs. The balanced and slim design makes them suitable for high-speed machining and for die and mould manufacturing.
Facemills with exchangeable cassettes
28.07.2005 - SANDVIK Coromant has introduced an exchangeable cassette system for its CoroMill facemills. The CoroMill cassette system is a flexible solution for medium up to large diameter face mills. The design makes handling easy and adaption to individual requ
Accurate internal grooving in small holes
27.07.2005 - SANDVIK Coromant has released CoroCut MB (minibar), providing internal high-precision grooves in holes down to 10mm in diameter. It offers a range of insert widths from 0.7mm for circlip grooves and different insert sizes for shallow and deep grooves
Wiper inserts increase machining productivity
15.03.2005 - SANDVIK Coromant has released wiper inserts for cemented carbide, cermet, ceramics, cubic boron nitride (CBN) and for Coromant U-drills. The inserts improve machining productivity by increasing the fe
High quality surfaces in hard part turning
20.01.2005 - SANDVIK Coromant has released a range of cubic boron nitride (CBN) inserts for generating optimum surface finish quality in case-hardened steels.
Short hole drilling
19.01.2005 - SANDVIK Coromant has released CoroDrill 880 with step technology for good cutting force balance, improving productivity as well as hole quality.
Build your own multitask machining solution
12.01.2005 - SANDVIK Coromant is introducing the option to build your own specific multitask miniturret.
High-temperature tube and pipe range
01.11.2004 - SANDVIK has added three grades to its range of stainless steel tube and pipe for high-temperature applications.
Cutters for high-speed machining
07.09.2004 - SANDVIK Coromant has expanded its range of CoroMill 300 milling cutters. It has released extra close pitched cutters for high speed machining. In combination with high table feeds they give great productivity.
Two tool holders in one
13.08.2004 - MULTI-task machines put new demands on cutting tools as the large spindle nose often causes accessibility problems, against the chuck, tailstock and the workpiece. There is a risk of instability when using a tool holder with a long overhang.
Extra close-pitched milling cutters
13.08.2004 - SANDVIK Coromant is now extending the programme of the high performance, light cutting and versatile CoroMill 300 milling cutters. The latest additions are extra close pitched cutters. When used in high speed machining and combined with high table fe
New insert line from Sandvik
13.08.2004 - PRECISION-turned components in diameters down to 1 mm can be produced by CoroCut XS, a new and innovative product line from Sandvik Coromant. CoroCut XS inserts and holders are intended for small part machining in sliding head machines.
Milling cutter range expanded
13.08.2004 - SANDVIK Coromant is extending the programme of the successful CoroMill 210 cutter. The CoroMill 210 milling cutter has the capability for both productive plunge milling and high feed face milling. Cut
Flexible tooling solutions
13.08.2004 - SANDVIK Coromant is now introducing a new tooling system with the possibility of compounding a large number of tooling solutions with just a limited number of items. The combination of CoroTurn SL adapters and CoroCut SL cutting blades offers access
Extra small turning tools
28.04.2004 - SANDVIK CoroTurn XS tooling solutions, for internal turning, grooving and threading, bring all the performance of CoroTurn down to smaller bores than ever, in a design conceived with small part machining. The program comprises four sizes, CXS-04, 05,
Light cutting face mills
28.04.2004 - HIGH speed roughing, rest milling, and semi-finishing, are operations CoroMill 300 can now perform with great productivity. The program covers endmills with diameters 10-42mm, either with cylindrical shanks or threaded couplings, to suit solid or vib
Face and plunge mill
08.04.2004 - SANDVIK Coromant’s CoroMill 210 milling cutter offers face milling and plunge milling. This is made possible by the design of the cutter body, the insert seats, and the inserts themselves.
Face mill for deep cuts
17.03.2004 - SANDVIK’S CoroMill 245-18 is a robust cutter with large, thick inserts capable of heavy chip removal rates. It is a larger version of CoroMill 245-12 and covers more demanding applications.
New spindle clamping set
04.02.2004 - SANDVIK Coromant is introducing a new spindle clamping set for machine tool and spindle manufacturers.
Extra small turning tools
04.02.2004 - SANDVIK Coromant’s CoroTurn XS tooling solutions for internal turning, grooving and threading bring all the performance of CoroTurn to smaller bores than ever.
High feed face mill
04.02.2004 - Sandvik Coromant’s CoroMill 245-18 is a robust cutter with large, thick inserts capable of heavy chip removal rates. This larger version of CoroMill 245-12 widens the choices available and will cover more demanding applications.
Titanium machining tool
04.02.2004 - SANDVIK Coromant has released a new tooling solution for machining titanium alloys and heat resistant super alloy materials. The Xcel tool provides a host of design advantages when semi-rough turning into shoulders, not previously available from a si
Face and plunge mill
04.02.2004 - THE new CoroMill 210 milling cutter from Sandvik Coromant offers the best in two different machining applications - face milling and plunge milling. This is made possible through the design of the cutter body, insert seats and the inserts themselves.
High productivity tool for rough boring
23.09.2003 - SANDVIK Coromant has introduced CoroBore 820, a unique addition to its boring tool programme. CoroBore 820 is a new solution for high productivity boring preferably in roughing operations. The boring range is 35 - 260mm and the boring depth is up to
Coroguide catalogue integrated with EdgeCAM
09.09.2003 - THE release of Pathtrace's EdgeCAM, version 7.75, offers direct integration with the Sandvik Coromant CoroGuide electronic tooling catalogue, allowing EdgeCAM users to directly import tooling parameters, thereby reducing programming and tooling set u
Machining accessability in deep pockets
15.04.2003 - PRODUCTIVITY in machining previously inaccessible pockets is now made possible thanks to the new CoroGrip pencil collets from Sandvik Coromant. These new collets enable machining even deeper into cavities and pockets with no compromise in stability,
Speedy hole drilling in aluminium
15.04.2003 - SANDVIK Coromant has introduced a new drill concept for automotive and aerospace applications. This high precision carbide drill offers the potential to completely replace PCD drills in many aluminium drilling operations.
Rigid clamping for multi-task machines
15.04.2003 - THE user-friendly high performance and rigid clamping system for all turning operations from Sandvik Coromant - CoroTurn RC - is being significantly extended. New Coromant Capto cutting units, designed to work at 45 degrees utilising the B-axis in mo
High speed roughing in steel
15.04.2003 - SANDVIK Coromant has introduced a true productivity booster for rough turning in steel - the GC4005 grade in combination with Wiper Rougher geometry. The new grade is primarily developed for medium to roughing operations of steels but also works well
Shoulder face milling cutters
08.08.2002 - SANDVIK Coromant has extended its Coromill 390 range of highly productive metal removers by introducing new shoulder face milling cutters along with long edge cutters carrying 18mm inserts.
Higher feed, faster speed
08.08.2002 - THE new Delta-C drill from Sandvik Coromant allows considerably higher feeds, up to 50 per cent higher than previously possible, along with a substantial increase in cutting speeds.
Direct machining speeds production times
08.08.2002 - DIRECT machining of pre-hardened materials in one single set-up will reduce the number of process steps and cut the delivery time of components by up to 50 per cent, according to Sandvik Coromant.
Ingenious milling of non-ferrous materials
08.08.2002 - SANDVIK Coromant has introduced CoroMill Century - a new generation of novel and lightweight cutters for high speed machining. The design of this face mill cutter paves the way for new methods and innovative thinking in milling aerospace frame compon
Heavy duty long edge milling cutter
23.01.2002 - THE CoroMill 390 long edge cutter range from Sandvik Coromant has been expanded with a new heavy duty version. The new cutter is a very effective metal remover providing high output relative to available spindle power. It is suitable for heavy to lig
Milling cutter for HSM performance
23.01.2002 - SANDVIK Coromant has introduced the CoroMill 790 Al-cutter, developed to meet the extreme manufacturing demands of frame components in aluminium for the aerospace industry. It is also suitable for many advanced high speed machining operations faced b
Eliminate EDM and polishing operations
23.01.2002 - MOST die and mould machining is initially made in non-hardened steel with hardening only being done prior to finish machining. Sandvik Coromant has now introduced the possibility of machining in pre-hardened steel, thus eliminating many of the tradit
Total control in grooving applications
23.01.2002 - THE versatile Q-Cut/CoroCut family from Sandvik Coromant has been expanded. A new full radius geometry - 7P has been introduced for improved chip forming in the first cut as well as when opening up a groove by side turning.
Quality control interface box
17.01.2002 - EASY Box is a new line of interface boxes that allows easy and economical connection of inductive transducers and Digimatic gauges to any commercial PC via a USB port. Simple software running on Windows 98 or higher makes configuration and measuremen
Improved milling at mouldmaker
21.06.2001 - NOT being dependent on any particular market, searching for new product areas with constant technology development in the company, and not being afraid of using external contacts when it is thought that it may improve the production, works well for H
Mould maker gets to grips with tool holding
21.06.2001 - ONE of the UK's largest installations of Sandvik Coromant's recently introduced CoroGrip tool holding solution is proving its value at the Aylesbury operations of Beaubury Precision Moulds Limited - a company specialising in the design and manufactur
Machining time reduced to one third
21.06.2001 - TAIWANESE company Daioku makes complete head, rear and other lights for cars, from making the moulds and producing the components to shipping the finished products for assembly at the automotive manufacturers.
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