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Sandvik Coromant introduces new series grade

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article image GC1125 grade

GC1125 grade available from Sandvik Coromant has a good all-round ability and provides the means to improve performance in a wide geometry range across many parting, grooving, turning and profiling operations.

The optimisation of properties for this grade delivers a wider application area and the capacity to handle improved cutting data.

These advantages result from a technological breakthrough in coating and substrate technology. The combination improves wear resistance and security, either when running at higher cutting speeds or for a longer time in cut.

The coating is new, PVD with TiAIN layers, including properties designed for GC1125’s wide application area. A new, fine grained substrate optimised for steels and stainless steels also has improved hardness and supports increases in cutting data.

GC1125 is a simpler option, enabling machine shops to do more with one grade.

In parting, it is optimised for steels, stainless steels and HRSA materials, a right choice in CF and CR geometries. CF is the low feed choice, giving good chip control and surface finish, CR the strong geometry for parting off bars and interrupted cuts at high feeds.

In grooving, GC1125 offers a good choice for steel and stainless steels in the GF geometry, offering accuracy and tight tolerances due to its sharp cutting edge.

For profiling in steels, cast iron and stainless, two geometries are available: RM for profiling in all materials and a first choice in stainless; RO for good chip control at low feeds.

When turning in steel applications, the TF is a positive geometry for good chip control and surface finish, reducing the risk of built-up edge.

Performance tests in a parting and grooving operation against the previous grade demonstrated the improved performance afforded by GC1125.

When grooving on a transfer gear using the same cutting data, GC1125 was able to produce nearly twice the number of components.

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