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Sandvik Coromant introduce new tools for the aerospace industry at the Avalon Airshow 2011

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article image Sandvik Coromant at the Avalon Airshow 2011

Aircraft came from around the world to participate in flying demonstrations at the Avalon Australian International Airshow 2011 from 1st to 6th of March, to a potentially record breaking crowd of 180,000.

Australian aerospace and defence suppliers used the opportunity to showcase their products and capabilities in three interconnected exhibition halls. 

Sandvik Coromant displayed the company’s latest developments, including machining solutions dedicated to composite materials and introduced a range of drills used for rivet and bolt holes in carbon reinforced plastics and metallic stack materials.

The range includes reamer geometries and a countersink tool with micro stop for chamfering.

“Our goal is to offer complete solutions for our customers in this sector, not only the physical tools, but also the processing knowledge to increase productivity in the manufacture of aerospace parts made from difficult-to-machine materials including titanium and composites,” said the National Sales Manager Aerospace at Sandvik Coromant, Greg Bennet.

“Each carbon fibre material has its own demands, which increases the risk for delamination or Fibre Breakout.

“Our new CoroDrill 452 geometries reduce this risk, ensuring the stringent hole tolerances are met with exceptional finish and quality.”

Mr Bennett believes that huge opportunities exist with the industry moving forward with contracts including the JSF, Eurocopter and the Boeing Dreamliner 787.

“With our expertise, highly-trained people and global contacts, we see a lot of growth potential. Companies are looking for more than just a cutting tool supplier, they want solution providers, and that is exactly what we are offering,” Mr Bennett said.

“Our local aerospace engineers have completed intensive training for half a year in the UK and the US and a lot of work has been done in R&D to produce our range of tools and solutions.”

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