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EASY Box is a new line of interface boxes available from Sandvik , that allows easy and economical connection of inductive transducers and Digimatic gauges to any commercial PC via a USB port. Simple software running on Windows 98 or higher makes configuration and measurement value display a quick and easy task.

To further enhance an application, you can choose Quick SPC for Windows software, a powerful yet easy to use measuring and quality control software suite.

Available models are:

· U4H to connect up to 4 TESTAR standard half-bridge transducers (HBT), such as Red Crown pencil probe, M1C plug gauge for ID checking, etc.

· U4D to connect up to Digimatic gauges (such as Mitutoyo calipers, digital dial gauges, etc.) or column amplifiers equipped with Digimatic output (such as TESTAR E4N).

The value of the 4 inputs connected to each box is transferred to the PC via USB port. The USB is a fast communication bus allowing simultaneous connection of up to 127 devices to your PC.

This new type of bus is getting more and more popular on PCs since it allows connection with a true plug and play facility of a wide range of peripheral devices such as printers, keyboards, digital cameras and general-purpose data acquisition interfaces.

The Easy Box uses another advantage of the many possibilities offered by the USB port as it receives the necessary power supply from it. With the use of only one cable it is possible therefore to power the Easy Box and to transfer the digital value of the input sensors connected to the box.

The Easy Box is suitable for static measurement acquisition for continuous acquisition where the operator can manually rotate the workpiece (or the gauge) to visually check dimensional variations.

The Easy Box continuously provides to the PC the values of the sensors connected to the box. Whenever a data trigger is necessary, it can be made in the following way:

· With the external signal of a footswitch connected to the Easy Box.

· With a data request from the host PC.

· With the data button available on the Digimatic device (gauge data send button).

All of the above methods are always available and are dependent upon the data triggering method programmed in the application software that is being used.

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