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article image Sandvik Coromant’s CoroMill 210

THE new CoroMill 210 milling cutter from Sandvik Coromant offers the best in two different machining applications - face milling and plunge milling. This is made possible through the design of the cutter body, insert seats and the inserts themselves.

High feed face milling is the most productive roughing method. Extremely high chip volumes can be removed, at feed rates far above those possible with conventional face milling. In favorable conditions up to 4mm/tooth can be used and metal removal rates up to 1400cm3/min can be achieved.

Plunge milling is the fastest way to mill away large volumes of metal in the axial direction. For long tool overhangs and unstable conditions, plunge milling with CoroMill 210 can be the only possible solution. This is a highly productive method for internal milling of deep cavities and milling externally along deep shoulders.

CoroMill 210 is available in 25mm-82mm diameters and with 9mm and 14mm inserts with four cutting edges.

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